A few of the questions most frequently asked:

I am your first and best choice for muscles aches, joint pain and problems with movement because I am committed to clinical excellence and I get results. My mission is to provide you with safe and cost-effective treatments that require no prescription medications, surgeries or expensive imaging tests in a caring and supportive atmosphere.
More than half of all Americans are suffering from pain. Whether one’s pain results from a recent episode or is chronic in nature, an ABC News/Stanford study revealed that pain in America is a serious problem. However many Americans do not even know that physical therapists are well equipped to not only treat pain, but also to treat the source of that pain.

Physical therapists are experts at treating painful movement and neuro-musculoskeletal dysfunctions. Pain often accompanies these movement dysfunctions that create irritation or inflammation in the body’s muscles, tendons, bursas and nerves, which ultimately influences bony alignment. Physical therapists can help correct the muscular and neural imbalances and educate the patient on self care between sessions. They relieve the pain through research based therapeutic exercise, “hands-on” techniques called manual therapy or modalities such as ultrasound and e-stim.

The methods used by physical therapists are noninvasive, nonpharmacological, and rarely demand time off work while recovering. Physical therapists do not order tests like x-rays or MRI scans or perform surgery of any kind (spinal surgery has a 50% success rate). If you need these services, your physical therapist will guide you to the appropriate professional.

In a recent study of patients over the age of 45, physical therapy for knee pain was found to be as effective as surgery. Making that decision saves our patients time, money and a lot of post-operative pain.

In the state of Colorado, you can see a physical therapist without a doctor’s referral. If you do see a doctor and he or she recommends physical therapy, ethically, your doctor should suggest 1-3 physical therapists for you to see and allow you to make the choice. Be cautious of a doctor who wants you to only see a physical therapist in his or her office. As a patient, you have the right to choose your health care providers, and you don’t need to settle for someone who works for your doctor.

All health insurance policies cover physical therapy services, but there are significant variations in health insurance policies. A typical plan allows at least 20 visits per year. Please contact us to help you find out what your insurance policy covers.

Yes, Pinnacle is proud of its Standard of Care, which includes the following:

  • Kristie Bennett is licensed in the state of Colorado and have at least 10 years of experience as a practicing physical therapist
  • Compulsory attendance in continuing education classes throughout the year, or working toward certifications in a specialty area, such as lymphedema management or postural restoration

Pinnacle’s standard of care promises:
One-on-one time with the same physical therapist throughout your appointments (no aides, students, assistants or trainers)

  • Results based on your personal goals
  • Fewer visits (cost saving)
  • Starting each appointment in a timely fashion
  • Therapeutic progression of treatments based on measurement data
  • The newest research based methods to progress you toward your goals
  • Never to push you through pain (you are here to get rid of pain)
  • To address not only the pain, but find the underlying causes
  • To educate you to prevent the same thing from happening again
  • Communication with your medical team as needed
Pinnacle Physical Therapy is in-network with most of the health insurance companies. When you are seen in-network, usually your co pays or co insurances are less than if you are seen out-of-network. Sometimes your deductible is handled differently in out-of-network situations. At this time, I am out-of-network with only a few health insurance companies, including Anthem and Aetna.

You do not need a doctor’s prescription for physical therapy in the state of Colorado. However, some insurance companies still require a prescription or plan of care. I check your insurance benefits prior to your visit so there are no surprises in the end.

I have a cash discount program based on need. Please contact me for more information.