At Pinnacle Physical Therapy, I believe an empowered patient is a happy and satisfied patient. With the right therapy in the clinic and the right follow-through at home, patients can revitalize, reform and rejuvenate their bodies, whether it has to do with an acute injury or a chronic condition.

Part of the empowerment stems from educating our patients to care for their condition without prescription medications, injections or surgeries. The other part comes from creating trust between the provider and the patient to achieve their daily goals. Working as a team sets the tempo for the patient’s recovery.

Pharmaceuticals can be good and bad.

People who see physicians for their injuries before seeing a physical therapist often are prescribed over-the-counter and prescription medications that tend to lessen the pain, but do nothing to heal the injured tissue. In fact, studies show that anti-inflammatories may actually inhibit the healing process. Often, patients taking NSAIDS and prescription pain medications that “numb” the cerebral cortex, feel better than the injured tissue is healed so it is much easier to re-injure themselves. If you can’t drive while taking pain medication, we would assume that you would not be able to make quality decisions about your health and welfare, either.

Surgery might be your only choice, but often, physical therapy methods can make a big difference.

Pain is really NOT FUN! Just about everyone that is hurting wants to be cured overnight. However, people need to understand that surgery should be a last resort.

Recently, Kristie struck up a conversation with an older woman at a store. The woman said that she was going to have back surgery soon because her back was so painful, yet she was walking around and shopping without any distress. Kristie asked her what she had already done to try to improve her condition. She said that after her physician took an X-ray of her lower back and discovered that there was degenerative disc disease, he told her that there was nothing but pain medications and walking that could manage the back pain. Since neither of these options worked for her, she was on her way to visit with the surgeon. As Kristie says, “Believe me, there are many more therapeutic things to try before going under the knife, and I shared them with her.” By the way, the woman is now a happy Pinnacle patient.

There are times when a surgical procedure is the only thing that will improve the condition, but over and over again, studies show that back surgery is only successful 50% of the time. Studies show that physical therapy treatments tend to be as successful as having a knee arthroscopies in relieving pain. Why would someone take 6-8 weeks off work only to be 50% better? When the cost of time off work is factored in with insurance co-pays and deductibles, who can afford this treatment? With the average shoulder arthroscopy being $18,000, with extra payments for the outpatient surgical center and the anesthesiologist, it escalates to $25,000. If you pay 20% plus your $5000.00 deductible, you are looking at $7,600 out-of-pocket costs. That amount of money could buy a lot of physical therapy visits.

Postural Restoration Based Physical Therapy Balances the Body’s Strength and Flexibility in Three Planes.

Why not find a noninvasive, inexpensive option that requires your participation? We call this solution “postural-restoration-based physical therapy.” At Pinnacle, your physical therapist has the medical knowledge to know when the tissue is ready to be stressed with the appropriate type of range of motion technique that provides the most motion with the least amount of discomfort. Your PT knows that the same techniques don’t work for every patient, so she will find the ones that work for you so you can reach your goals in a timely fashion. Your PT understands anatomy and physiology, so designing a customized exercise program that fits your particular needs can be the difference between returning to the activities you want to do and having to give them up.

I Want To Be Your Coach For Life.

Physical therapy may not be as glamorous as talking about the endless pull-ups you did with your personal trainer, but it certainly is a more holistic approach to managing the body you have, and to match your body with the activities you want to enjoy for the rest of your life. I want to be your COACH for LIFE.  Join me in my Self-Directed Care Programs.