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Neck & Shoulder Pain

7 Ways…. To STOP Neck & Shoulder Pain …before it leads to headaches and problems sleeping.

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Hip & Knee Pain

8 Ways…To STOP Annoying Hip and Knee Pain……without injections, taking pain killers or having to wear a brace.

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Back Pain/Sciatica

9 Quick & Easy Ways….To End Back Pain/Sciatica (and Stiffness)…without taking painkillers or having to call and see the doctor!

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 What People Say

My shoulder does NOT hurt at all any more. After years of pain, YOU took it all away. My deepest thanks.


I thought, for sure, I would have to have a back operation given the level of difficulty I was having walking and doing. As a result of doing and working with Kristie at Pinnacle Physical Therapy, I did not have to have surgery. I can dance, walk, hike and exercise!